Visit the only dominately Muslim city in Serbia with rich cultural and religious heritage, and also the birthplace of Serbian state


Day 1
Departure from Belgrade at 8.00. Travel the „Miloš Veliki” highway to Kraljevo. Arrival at the Žiča monastery around 11 am. Tour of the monastery which was the crowning place for Serbian medieval kings, and free time. Continuation of the journey. Lunch break in one of the oldest kafanas that are still open in Serbia (from 1826.) "Kod Mira" in the village Bogutovac. After the lunch, departure to the medieval town of Maglič, which towers above the Ibar river gorge, nicknamed “The Camelot of Serbia”. Tour of fortress (with a steep climb), and some free time for great photos. Then we will visit Studenica monastery, the most beautiful monastery in Serbia whicih is on UNESCO World Heritage list, and represents the finest combination of western and eastern European architectural styles. We will then proceed to the city of Novi Pazar, the biggest dominantly Bosniak city in Serbia, where we will have dinner and an overnight in hotel.

Day 2
After the breakfast we will start at 9.00 with the city walking tour, and experience the local Oriental atmosphere. The nickname of the city is “Little Istanbul”, because you can smell Turskish coffee, burek, mantije, baklavas, kebabs, and also see a lot of old craftsmen shops or buy the best jeans produced in Serbia. We will visit the city’s Ottoman fortress, Amir-aga’s han, Isa-bey’s hamam, the biggest mosque in the city, Altun-alem mosque, and finish with visit to the city’s museum. We will then go 17 kilometres north to visit Sopoćani monastery, another UNESCO World Heritage site, wit the most beautiful frescoes in whole of Serbia. After the visit we will have lunch at the foothill of stari Ras - the capital of medieval Serbia, in a beautiful restaurant in nature. We will then go back to the city center for some free time, and then go back to Belgrade. Arrival in Belgrade around 21h.


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Poslovnica Beograd

Nušićeva 21,

Radno vreme: 9 - 20h
Subota: 9 - 15h
Nedeljom: ne radimo


011/ 655-8668

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Poslovnica Velika Plana

Momira Gajica 1,

Radno vreme: 9 - 20h
Subota: 9 - 15h
Nedeljom: ne radimo


026 / 4150018 i 4150019,

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